From Knitting Needles to Power Tools

Someone told me once – or perhaps it was many people who told me many times – that when I hit my 30’s, I would come into my own. The insecurity would fade, and I would feel more confident to pursue the things I love.


Well, my thirties are here. They have been for a few years. I don’t think the insecurity is gone, though I do feel more capable of setting it aside, rather than letting it get it my way. I do feel more confident, and I definitely feel like I am starting to really pursue the things I love.

Case in point…I found my happy place in the form of Home Depot this weekend. Well, Home Depot and JoAnn Fabrics. As much as I would love to avoid the big box stores…I’ve discovered I have a love of all things do-it-yourself. I began with knitting almost 15 years ago, and have since learned quite a few other techniques and crafts. One of my biggest issues now is that I often find myself starting projects much faster than I am able to finish them! Something about learning a new skill…or better yet, teaching myself a new skill. As much as I love the finished project, it’s the process of figuring out a project or craft that really excites me.
Home Depot used to intimidate the hell out of me. And now I love to just roam the aisles, looking for things to build, and crafts to make. You wouldn’t think it, but Home Depot is one of the best places to find craft supplies. And this past weekend, I found myself devoid of any scheduled plans. I remember when that was the worst thing that could possibly happened to a person. Not sure exactly when that changed (that’s probably a 30-something thing too), but I found my lack of schedule very refreshing.


Perhaps too refreshing. Because instead of spending the entire weekend cleaning and organizing the current inventory, I bought my first jigsaw, with the intent of building a vertical succulent garden.



I did get around to organizing a few things. I’m thinking I might have an obsession here 🙂  It’s almost like Where’s Waldo in crafting. I should do a give away for anyone that can name the different kinds of crafts they see in the picture!

I used to think crafting was kind of lame. Scratch that. I’ve always loved to make things…but growing up, the word crafting was so pipe cleaner and popsicle sticks. It definitely wouldn’t put me in the in crowd. And as much as I hate to admit it, like most kids, that’s where I wanted to be. Knitting wasn’t cool. And maybe it still isn’t…but I love to do it.  And as much as I love to make things, I think I’m even better at giving them away. If crafting is a first passion…then gift giving is a close second. There’s nothing like giving a home-made gift to someone. Am I right?


This post may seem a little random today…maybe even a little anti climatic after the last few. Truthfully, I struggled with what to write after telling my story. I guess today,  I just wanted to bring it back to the present. Focus on the things that are good. Who knows, maybe all of the crafting has been part of the healing process. Or maybe it’s something that’s been part of my forever, and I’m just now finding my groove and taking off. As I contemplate where to go from here…I realize that I want nothing more than to have my own studio space, where I can create. I never considered myself and artist before…but I’m starting to like the sound of that.


So what’s my point today? Find something you love to d0 – no matter what society thinks – and go do it! Don’t let fear of ridicule, fear of expectation, or fear of failure stand in your way.  You never know where that passion will lead you.


Until next time.


2 thoughts on “From Knitting Needles to Power Tools

  1. I love your posts, Katie! Love that you are enjoying the creative side of life. Like you, I so enjoy the process! The finished product is always nice but learning different techniques is so joyful! Excited to see how the garden project turns out!

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