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Out With The Old

It’s that time of year again. When most people reflect on the past 12 months, critique what they’ve done, or failed to do, and start setting highly ambitious resolutions. Sounds like I’m judging, doesn’t it? I’m not. For most of my life, I did exactly that. Reflected on the previous year, and berated myself for … Continue reading

Trust and Trees

Happy Spring everyone! I know, I know…it’s technically been “Spring” here for a few weeks…except the reality is, for those of us in Chicago, it’s not really official until we hit a few nice days in a row. Last week saw some freezing temperatures…but alas, the weather gods blessed us with the most beautiful Saturday … Continue reading

On Turning The Page

I’ve been debating whether or not to post today. All I seem to want to do is share some really big exciting news…but something holds me back. Almost as if I’m afraid to make it public, for fear that it won’t come true. I think it’s a fear that I’ve had most of my life, … Continue reading