From Knitting Needles to Power Tools

Someone told me once – or perhaps it was many people who told me many times – that when I hit my 30’s, I would come into my own. The insecurity would fade, and I would feel more confident to pursue the things I love.   Well, my thirties are here. They have been for … Continue reading

What’s Next?

I’m truly touched by the amount of love and support that I have received since my last post. It was a bit terrifying to publish something so painful and personal. And honestly, something that is still so real for me each and every day. For years I didn’t talk about it…mainly because I didn’t want … Continue reading

Age Is Just A Number

Or so I’ve been told, as I cringe a bit on the eve of my 32nd birthday. I’m sure that some of my older readers just rolled their eyes at that. I know, I know. 32 is not that old. It’s just that, well…this birthday is bugging me a bit. I wish it didn’t. I … Continue reading